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Abstract logos express several concepts and moods in a single symbol. It is a popular choice for brands who want to deliver multiple-meaning keeping the logo simple. These logos can include patterns, shapes, illustrations, lines, and symbols depending on the brand communication. At Pixamatic Media, we design each logo with the essence of your business intact in each element.


If you’re looking for a unique, simple, and classic logo, a typographic is the best solution for you. It’s not only your name arranged in a pretty manner, but it sets the right tone and identity of your brand. In addition, typographic logos helps in creating a positive image of the brand in customer’s minds. Appealing to look at these types of logos are made with a professional and creative approach. Good typography means choosing a suitable typeface, and we are here to do that for you.


A 3D logo design gives a logo the detail and feeling that a simple logo fails to give. We believe in keeping it simple yet creative. 3D logo adds in-depth aesthetics to your brand logo, and it sets you apart from your competition. It’s the best solution when the client is confused between a very simple logo that doesn’t look dull and is attractive to the customers’ eyes.


Animated logo designs are the key to grab the attention of your potential customer. An animated logo helps in delivering your message to customers in an engaging manner. It is more suitable for the clients targeting more socially active customers as they are more appealing compared to static logos. Our animated logos blend creativity and uniqueness that help you put your brand message across to your prospective target market.

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