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Design, Marketing & Communications Pixamatic Media is an advertising agency, design studio and marketing consultancy. We are able to cater to all your project requirements!

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Pixamatic Media is a creative agency that is driven by individuality rooted in creativity. It steers your business turnaround by developing and building digital brands that present you. Our focus is on “Your Idea. Your Business. Your Audience”. With vast digital experience in the designing industry, we offer strategically planned design and motion graphics services. This combined with our aesthetic product photography help bring your idea to life. We work as your partner to provide your brand with a strong visual impact. We’re a friendly bunch, down-to-earth, and honest firm, with a focus on forming long-lasting relationships. Though small in size, our brand assures to scale up your business on any medium. Our design approach is centered on the relationship between the end-user and the brand. You name it and we make it. Regardless of the medium, we consider everything we do to be designed.
“Whether you are creating a new brand or promoting an existing one, your customer’s first impression is what counts.”

Our goal is to provide you with the creative solution and commercial awareness essential to transform your business. Work with us and learn the imaginative design, clever mindset, and eye-catching 2d animation videos, to calibrate and change the way your business is perceived. We collaborate with creative, unconventional, and innovative thinkers who engage and unify big ideas and creative vision. We explicitly work with startups to develop their brand and established companies to refocus their messaging and launching of the new ventures.

What we do.

We help brands reach, acquire, aspire, and retain the customers by leveraging their work quality and help them deliver mind blowing solutions.

We Commit

Our team of specialists is committed to producing the best results in order to make your product a success.

We Research

Our experts know how important market research is! No work is done without extensive research of market trends.

We Deliver

The quality of our work and your time are both of tremendous importance to us. We deliver the best results promptly!

Our Team

Our team draws on broad industry experience and networks to create the most poiwerful outcomes fot our clients.

Shoo Thar

Project Manager

Tsu Pry


Yhan Tho

IxD Designer

Bro Tho

UX Designer

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